K“Keep practicing," he told her.
"Until I get it right?" she said. But he corrected her.
"No. Until you don't get it wrong.”
― John Flanagan, The Royal Ranger

Our love of archery:

Why do we love archery? Why do other people love golf? Honestly, why do other people like golf... you have this ball, and a club, and you loose all your balls, you keep buying more expensive clubs and equipment, and you do really well one day and another day you swear you are going to quit and never do it again because everything went wrong. It's basically the same.

Man do we love archery though! When it isn't deer season, you can find us participating in Traditional Bowhunters of Texas (TBOT) matches all over Texas, in the Texas State Longbow Championship, and just up the street at the Sherwood Forest Fair's Royal Archery Open and Longbow Competition.

Hosted Archery Tournaments

The ranch hosts a TBOT match, and the Thorin's Viking Invitational every year. See the archery events listed below for tickets and dates / times.

Archery Instruction and Clinics:

The ranch is home to several Level 2 Archery Instructors. In addition, we host several clinics throughout the year that are taught by wold champion archers.
Francisco at the Sherwood Forest Faire on the day he took overall champion of the Royal Open tournament. (An eight-week-long competition using traditional bows and wooden arrows.) And yes, garb is required to compete in the competition.

Contact Us

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Valkyrie Ranch is conveniently located just 45 minutes east of Austin, Texas and less than 2 hours northwest of Houston, Texas and northeast of San Antonio, Texas.

We offer fun, successful Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts and exotic game hunts. Approximately 600 acres are game fenced with trophy axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck, red deer, impala and trophy whitetail. Meat hunts are available