Diversity affords the ranch the ability to hunt year-round without over hunting while providing a variety of game animals for hunters.

A community of hunting ranches:

The ranch participates with other hunting properties in the immediate area.

If we do not have a particular exotic breed available, or our animals are currently not plentiful enough, we will arrange for your hunt on a neighboring ranch.

TTexas private hunting ranches have been studying and conserving exotic animals since the early 1900s.

The herds of exotic animals are so large that they have been used several times to help repopulate the native wild herds in the countries of origin of several species.

An exotic ranch, such as Cleghorn Ranch, affords the opportunity for hunters to not only hunt year-round, but also to hunt animals that may be prohibited from hunting in their native lands due to the effects of agricultural and urban development.

The expense of hunting exotic game here in Texas is far less than that of traveling abroad. There are no risks of losing your trophy, excise fees, special visas, high-priced hunting licenses, or thousands of dollars in airfare and lodging. Best of all, you can spend the evening or morning hunting and still be home in time to get a good night's sleep for work on Monday.

The ranch caters to meat hunts as well as trophy hunting. Many people prefer the flavor of animals such as the Red Deer and Blackbuck over that of whitetail and even cattle.

Our Exotics:

The following list are exotics on the ranch that are plentiful enough for hunting. If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us and we can work with you to arrange any hunt.

What is Required to Hunt Exotic Game

"Exotic animals" are animal species that are not native to Texas. Pheasants, which are not indigenous to the United States and therefore not to Texas, are a rare exception to this rule and are classified as "game birds" by Texas Parks and Wildlife.

Most other exotic animals are not regulated by Texas Parks and Wildlife, and therefore do not have an official hunting season. Much like the harvesting of domesticated animals, it is left to he ranch owner to manage the animals.

Unlike other ranch animals, however, it is required that anyone killing exotic game must have a valid Texas Hunting License. Your license will be checked by your guide prior to beginning your hunt on the Cleghorn Ranch.

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Valkyrie Ranch is conveniently located just 45 minutes east of Austin, Texas and less than 2 hours northwest of Houston, Texas and northeast of San Antonio, Texas.

We offer fun, successful Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts and exotic game hunts. Approximately 600 acres are game fenced with trophy axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck, red deer, impala and trophy whitetail. Meat hunts are available