Valkyrie Ranch breeds healthy and genetically sound whitetail deer. After being raised in the program, these animals can be found living free on the ranch, are sold to other deer farmers, and our genetics are used all over the nation.

Students from A&M working in the field (at our ranch) to learn and practice arthroscopic artificial insemination.

GGenetics are a critical part of wildlife management. Due to over hunting in the past, the natural genetic diversity of the native Texas Whitetail has suffered.

The ranch operates a TC1 rated facility for whitetail breeding. Which means we test at least 50% of our herd for chronic wasting disease (CWD).

Private ranches and clubs throughout Texas have been focused on enhancing the genetic quality of our native whitetail. This provide deer that are more resilient to disease, are stronger, larger, and in many ways are superior to the current native deer. The ranch is unique in its abundance of natural food which provides ample protein for our wildlife. This helps ensure antler growth without the need to supplement protein or even feed other than in the most extreme winters.

Two Genetic Programs

The ranch operates two distinct genetic programs. The first is completely managed, with deer kept inside of pens where every need is provided for them. This program affords us the ability to introduce genetics from other ranches, as well as collecting and sharing our genetics as well.

The second program is one of release and integration naturally into the herds inside our high-fenced area. (About 600 acres.) These are deer from our primary program who have reached an age of at least three years old and are allowed to go forth and breed and live natural lives. Release is accomplished every year before the September cut-off as directed by Texas Parks and Wildlife. The introduction of new deer into the herd every year helps us continue to enhance that herd. This herd is quite healthy and grows naturally.

Deer from our breeding program can be purchased from the ranch, and on occasion the ranch releases does outside the high fence so their genetics can be introduced into the surrounding thousands of acres of native Texas Whitetail.

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