Valkyrie Ranch is a nearly unparalleled natural property. With little exception, the land is as it has been since before humans settled this area. Nature will get on you, bite you, potentially even chase you.

Things to bring with you:

Weather appropriate clothing is required all year long. Texas is known for its extremes in temperature and even fast changing climates. Everyone on the ranch should wear boots, preferably boots designed to prevent snake bites from causing injury, as these are also tall enough for our grasses and underbrush.

Bring a flashlight, sharp knife, and a great attitude. And always keep an eye on your fellow hunters and friends to watch for signs of fatigue or exposure to the temperature.

The employees on the ranch use Garmin Rhino 600 and 700 series GMRS radios while guiding hunts. You are welcome to bring your own.

PPlease excuse us and help make our attorneys calm down by reading this document. This is not an exhaustive list, we tried to make it fun to read, and you will receive and be required to sign a waiver that includes a longer more detailed list of things about the ranch when you book your hunt.

Price does not include:

  • Transportation
  • Skinning
  • Processing or Shipping of Animal
  • Taxidermy
  • Licenses
  • Tips (arrows) or Ammunition
A booking fee of 30% as a non-refundable deposit is required upon booking the hunt. Cancelation, minus the 30% non-refundable deposit, is permitted up to 30 days before the booked hunt. Hunts may be changed rescheduled one time, if space is available, up to 30 days before the booked hunt. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Please contact us with any questions.

Hunting licenses - we cannot stress this enough, please have one prior to arriving on the property. The closest locations to buy a license are Academy Sports in Bastrop, or the Walmart in Elgan. And yes, you need a license to hunt any animal in the State of Texas, even varmints.

Non-resident 5-Day Special Hunting (Type 157): Out-of-state 5 day Exotic wild game permit.
Non-resident General Hunting (Type 105): Out-of-state permit valid to hunt any legal bird or animal including Native and Exotic Deer.
Resident Hunting (Type 101): For Texas Residents; valid to hunt any legal bird or animal including Native and Exotic Deer.
Youth Hunting License (Type 169): For any person, resident or non-resident, under 17 years of age at the date of license purchase.
Senior Resident Hunting (Type 102): Only for residents 65 years of age and older. Valid to hunt any legal bird or animal. .

Be considerate to other guests

In most cases we try to book hunters so they have the entire ranch to themselves, other than the staff of course. But in the event you are staying at the ranch and there are other guests here as well, please be considerate during normal sleeping hours.

Wild animals are... um... wild.

No one wants to let me dig a big enough hole to go scuba diving on the ranch, but most people know I am a professional diver. I tell my students not to touch the underwater wildlife. This same rule applies for all wild animals.

Please understand, with the exception of the horses and dogs you may encounter, every animal on the ranch is wild. Yes, even the cute whitetail and other animals in the breeding pens. If you happen to visit the ranch when we have fawns and the staff invite you to hold, feed, or pet one this is a rare exception to the rule on no touching. Even approaching the pens, or wild animals in the woods or fields can be dangers to you and the wild animal. Spooking a breeder buck who ends up killing himself as a result is going to be a very expensive thing for you as well. So please do not stop and take photos of the breeding pens or the animals inside them. We try to post many photos of those guys on the website and you are welcome to download those images. Also... no matter what your buddy tells you, we do not have black cats with white stripes on their backs. That's a skunk, and you should avoid it and not try to give it fish nor cuddle with it. Just saying.

Policy on wounded animals

If you shoot an animal, and it cannot be found, you still owe the full price of the hunt to the ranch. We will make every effort to locate the animal, but in some cases it may be impossible. "Aim small and miss small."

Policy on shooting a trophy in a class you didn't intend

This is a hunting club / ranch, and we are all good people trying to do good things. If you came intending to shoot a 130 class whitetail, and you end up shooting a 240 class - you will be paying for the animal you shot. Conversely, if you intended to shoot a 240 and took a 130 you will be charged for the animal you shot. We think this is pretty fair, and your guide is there to help you as sometimes things can look larger or smaller than they are due to the excitement of the moment.

Endangered and protected species

It should go without saying, but this is here because apparently that isn't the case, if you shoot at any endangered or protected animal on the property we will personally invite the Texas Parks and Wildlife Ranger to come meet with you. This also extends to animals out of season. We are hunters, just like all other hunters, and we believe in and cherish the ideals of conservation. The ranch happens to be home to endangered animals that we take pride in providing a home to, and our efforts (like those of many Texas-based exotic ranches) are helping repopulate these animals in their native countries.

Use of special weapons, birds of prey, and other things that require special licenses

First, this stuff can be super cool. Who doesn't like the idea of using a suppressor so you don't damage your hearing and you can go without ear protection and use all your senses while hunting?

Second, if you are bringing any NFA firearm with you please bring the appropriate ATF paperwork as well. Copy of the trust, department letter head and Form 4 if you are with an agency, Form 4, 2, etc. depending on how you acquired or manufactured the NFA item... getting the hint, we are super savvy to all things NFA. Also, be aware of what you can and cannot use for hunting in Texas. (This varies by game vs. exotic/varmint etc.) As always, please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

Falconry, we love birds of prey! The ranch can arrange and often has a master falconer who can bring birds. But if you have your own, please bring appropriate documentation with you at least for your first visit. We have several very large fields and it is a true delight to watch birds of prey do what they were meant to do.

Illegal substances and substance abuse

Simply put, we are pretty cool people and don't discriminate in any way - but we don't allow guests to be impaired, and that includes the consumption of illegal substances on the property. It's a risk we cannot afford on many levels, and we won't hesitate to ask you to leave if you do it.

Alcohol, tobacco, caffeine, bad dad jokes...

All things are good in moderation, and we expect adults to monitor themselves and enjoy life. We do not permit drinking before or during hunting. Drinking in moderation while fishing is generally okay.

Tobacco, the only issue we have with smoking while at the ranch is fire. Fire is a major concern to all ranchers, and at times things can be quite flammable in Texas. Please take very good care of your ashes, butts, etc. If you are going to smoke, please use an ashtray.

Caffeine is a tool we will employ if we find your children unattended. We will provide them with ample energy drinks, give them a kitten, and return them to you.

Too many dad jokes or puns in general may result in rolled eyes and groaning sounds from your fellow hunters.

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