YYour horse deserves to live in a place as beautiful and majestic as it is.

Conveniently located only 30 miles east of downtown Austin on Highway 290, the ranch provides the most idyllic environment imaginable. The peaceful quiet, plentiful wild animals, native forests, open fields, riding trails, and water features will take your breath away.

We have hundreds of acres of ranch land, forests, streams, etc. for your enjoyment. Our six-horse barn backs to one of our most scenic areas of the property with large run-ins, and direct access to a ten acre paddock that contains shelters for pasture care. Our northern pasture is a massive twenty acre area of lush grasses and shade from huge oak trees. Our paddock fences are over five feet in height and are made out of welded pipe.

We have a 60-foot in diameter round pen with safe fencing for ground work and lunging horses.

Horseback riding is available on specific days of the month, with miles and miles of trails throughout the nearly nine hundred acres of the ranch. We have trails for every skill level rider, and we have world-class trainers on-site.

Our support staff is onsite 24x7. The entire property is secured with high fencing and is actively managed to reduce the number of predators and risks to the horses.

The ranch is home to several mounted archery competitions throughout the year, some are international championships, and we host many mounted archery clinics. Please use the contact form to inquire, or check the event calendar, for upcoming training and horse sporting events.


This is Speedy! He, and his grey fellow miniature horse, Casper, are the perfect companion friends to all horses (and many of the deer) here on the property. Blink, and Speedy is off to another location in his daily rounds of socializing with all the animals on the ranch.

BBoarding spaces are currently available! Book in the stable or any of the paddocks now. Use our contact form for more information!

The mini horses have free range on the entire ranch.
Our stables have 12x12 and 12x30 turnouts.
Our large horse pasture is over ten acres in size.
Our smaller, and adjacent to the stables, pasture is nearly five acres.
Run-ins are well kept and provide protection from the elements for pasture kept horses.
All horse fencing is welded pipe and stands over five foot tall.
With miles of trails, riding at the ranch is always new and beautiful.
Our training fields and rings are well kept by our excellent training staff.
Come enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

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2008 FM 2104 Paige, Texas 78659


Valkyrie Ranch is conveniently located just 45 minutes east of Austin, Texas and less than 2 hours northwest of Houston, Texas and northeast of San Antonio, Texas.

We offer fun, successful Texas trophy whitetail deer hunts and exotic game hunts. Approximately 600 acres are game fenced with trophy axis deer, fallow deer, blackbuck, red deer, impala and trophy whitetail. Meat hunts are available